KSW Microtec – Smart and Innovative RFID Technologies – became an experienced partner in the manufacturing of passive RFID inlays, since 1994. The product range supplies excellent solutions for identification, authentication and tracing products and individuals for nearly all applications fields. KSW Microtec produces high-performance and innovative products for HF and UHF frequency.

HF inlays (High Frequency) work with a standardised frequency according to ISO protocol and works worldwide at 15.56MHz. Passive HF inlays achieve an operating range up to 1.20m depending on the reader and protocol. Selectable is either protocol EN/ISO 14443 A/B, which works security orientated with a small operating range but with secure data communication. Protocol EN/ISO 15693 works with a higher operating range and is mostly applicable for communications of information but is not used for safe data communication. The HF technology is a very reliable technology and is mostly used today for identification of mediums, individuals, and products or for access control, public transportation or tickets for sport events or concerts.

UHF (Ultra High Frequency) Inlays are placed in a broader frequency band according to ISO and EPC with operating ranges worldwide from 868 to 960 MHz. The operating range is higher and the readout speed is faster than HF frequency. Attention should be paid to UHF inlays that they have a higher sensitivity on divers backing materials and that they have to be adjusted to surrounding conditions.


UHF tags are applicable for long distances between reader and tag e.g. the identification of products or rental plastic containers, rental cars or supply chain management. The frequency domain ranges in Europe from 865 to 868 MHz, United States from 903 – 928 MHz and in Asia from 910 – 956 MHz. KSW Microtec develop and produce world tags, which work in all three frequency domains. They can be read out and communicated in Europe, United States and Asia.

KSW Microtec manufactured standardized and customer specific HF and UHF components in roll and sheet format. The advance manufacturing knowledge is based on the patented Flip-Chip assembly technology. KSW Microtec is processing a wide variety of RFID Chips as well as antennas and develops customer-made solutions from prototype to series production. 

KSW Microtec innovative Flip-Chip assembly technology enables to manufacture high quality RFID inlays. The Flip-Chip technology is a reliable and long lasting connection of chip and antenna with the shortest connection length.



Flip-Chip Technology offers the following advantages:

  • Short connection length
  • Strong and reliable connection of chip and antenna based on patented Palladium Bumping
  • Fast, cost-effective manufacturing process and reel to reel assembly process
  • Lowest available chip packaging height, also in combination with ultra thin silicon chips
  • Minimum numbers of connection points between chip and board level
  • Chip connection to board level without any additional layers like as module, interposer, strape

Moreover integrated In-Line test systems and permanent process control ensure prime quality and optimal performance in addition to the fully developed Flip-Chip assembly technology. A sophisticated and well-established Quality Management and Quality Assurance team guarantee that KSW Microtec inlays and prelaminates leave the premises with a high quality standard.

Find out more about KSW Microtec quality policy under Certificates and Environment